C# is Like My Wife

 So here's a little poem about two loves of my life.

C# is like my wife
She's the constructor of a large part of my life
At the start, in class, she would try and catch my gaze...
And in a short event she took exception to me, 'til finally we sealed our pathways
We became public at a young age
She even helped me yield my very first wage
We've been together, constant, for a long TimeSpan
Since before I'd cook using food from a tin can
She's private, reserved 
And partially undeserved 
If she feels unsafe she loves to be protected...
But not so much being reflected
While it's true she makes me smile (it's certainly not fake)
She's far from volatile, I'd never take a break;
For 'int i unhappy
Else I goto her when I'm feeling crappy
Occasionally we might fight
But deep down I await to discover, she's always right
She tells me explicitly what's wrong, I just ignore her
In the end I default 'cus I'm out of order
She's always clearing up after me, that point's a bit sore
If only I would dispose of my objects just a little bit more
Foreach day is a new day
I'll continue loving her until we fade away
I don't always get how she works, she can be hard to decrypt
But I'm ******* glad she's nothing like JavaScript.

Dedicated to my beautiful wife, whom I do actually love more than C# :)

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I hope you enjoyed the poem. Can you spot all the keywords?

There are probably loads of other phrases I could've added, maybe you can think of some and comment them below? I may even include the best suggestions.